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Mitabang Home Stay, Kg. Tulung, Kiulu, Sabah,Malaysia

Livelihood and Life Style(of subsistence farmers)
Nature Conservation Adventure
Culture and Art
Team Building
Kg. Pangkalan Mangrove Tour
White Water River Rafting
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Futher Information


  Mitabang Homestay Kg. Tulung Mantub,Kiulu is where you can have a taste of the warmth,hospitable,peaceful and healthy lifestyle of the Sabah Borneo Dusun community in the hilly countryside of Kiulu,a hub for whitewater rafting and traditional bamboo rafting in its clear and unpolluted grade 2 river.

  The Mitabang HomeStay village overlooks the peaceful Kiulu river and greenery paddy field with scenic farms,rubber smallholdings,jungles and undulating mountain ridges surrounding it.

Mitabang Homestay is easily accessible by road and a safe one-and-half hour drive from Kota Kinabalu Rainforest City will take you there.It will take about the same time to reach Mitabang Homestay from the majestic Mount Kinabalu,the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and a World Heritage Site.

   Villagers at Mitabang Homestay are close-knit households,very friendly and adhere to noble traditions and cultural values of the Dusun people.One of such values is the practice of 'mitabang/mogitatabang',which means helping one another or working together to lighten a heavy or big task.

   Mitabang/Mogitatabang is prevalent in the livelihood of the villagers particularly in the cultivation and harvesting of hill and wet paddy.Thus,Mitabang Homestay is named in quest for a harmonious and better tomorrow.

   Mitabang Homestay was launched on September 18,2002 by the Honourable Datuk Louis Rampas,Member of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly for N.11 Constituency of Kiulu.

   Mitabang Homestay offers you exhilarating and value for your monies activities. Click on the links to check out the unique and memorable experiences at Mitabang Homestay


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